Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yehonathan - Remember When

'Remember When' is the third album, second in English by Israeli Dance/Pop singer and actor Yehonathan Gatro. The album is a collection of remixes and was released on March 2, 2010. It features remixes of previous singles, aswell new songs like 'Remember When' and 'Waiting For You'. I hate the original front cover, like on his 'My Turn' second album. But the remix collection is amazing! Listen/Buy the album Here.

Yehonathan Official Website


01. Remember When (RNR Remix)
02. How Much (Offir Malol 2010 Remix)
03. Across The Universe (Lyrik's Remix)
04. Heaven (Jive 64 Remix)
05. Way Back Home (Samuel Blacher Remix)
06. Waiting For You (El-Zi 2010 Remix)
07. Just Another Summer (RNR Electro Remix)
08. My Turn (Lyrik's Electro Remix)
09. Across The Universe (Offir Malol Remix)
10. Just Another Summer (Lyrik's 2010 Electro Remix)
11. Just Another Summer (RNR Extended Electro Remix)
12. Way Back Home (Samuel Blacher Extended Remix)
13. Remember When (RNR Extended Remix)
14. Across The Universe (ElectroField Remix)
15. My Turn (Vic's Nyc Remix)
16. Just Another Summer (Lyrik's Extended Electro Remix)

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