Sunday, September 11, 2011

Made In London - A Perfect Storm

'Perfect Storm' is the unreleased debut album by British short-lived Pop group Made In London, formed by the British Kelly Bryant and Sherene Dyer, and Norwegian Marianne Eide. The album was planned to be released in 2000, but was shelved after thier two singles 'Dirty Water' and 'Shut Your Mouth' failed to get the top of the charts. However, some copies leaked. Their debut single 'Dirty Water' was covered by Australian girl group Bardot. Special Thanks goes to Iggypig, for share it.

Made In London Official Website [Off]


01. I'm Not
02. Dirty Water
03. 24 Little Hours
04. We Don't Do No Wrong
05. Shut Your Mouth
06. Ain't Another Love Song
07. My Friend
08. Believe
09. Hit Or Miss
10. If You Don't Wanna
11. From The First Time
12. Magic
13. Satisfaction
14. I'd Wish
15. Pull Up To The Bumper
16. Wishing Well
17. Hit Or Miss (Bold As Brass Miss)

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