Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thunderbugs - Delicious

'Delicious' is the debut and only album by British short-lived girl group Thunderbugs, formed by Brigitta Jansen, Nicky Shaw, Stef Maillard and Jane Vaughan. The album was released on July 17, 2000 and featured the singles 'Friends Forever' and 'It's About Time You Were Mine' The group split up and the same year. Special Thanks goes to Iggypig, for share it.

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01. It's About Time You Were Mine
02. Friends Forever
03. Walking On Air
04. You Got Something On Me
05. You and Me
06. Does Your Heart Still Break
07. Angel Of The Morning
08. Miracle Baby
09. Jealous
10. Delicious
11. Alright Now
12. First Time
13. Here I Am
14. It's About Time You Were Mine (Skeewiff Thunder Funk Mix)
15. Friends Forever (K-Klass Klub Mix)
16. It's About Time You Were Mine (Soda Club Mix)
17. Friends Forever (Pump Friction & Precious Paul's Club Mix)
18. It's About Time You Were Mine (Funk Force Vocal Mix)

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