Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Belanova - Sueño Electro II

Sueño Electro II is the fifth studio album by the Mexican Pop/Dance group Belanova, formed by Denisse Guerrero, Ricardo Arreola and Edgar Huerta. It's also the second half of the Sueño Electro series, which the first part released last year. The album was released on September 6 and features the singles Mariposas e Haste El Final.

Watch: Mariposas

Sueño Electro II(2011)
01. Mariposas
02. Flash Eléctrico
03. Todo Mi Amor
04. Hasta El Final
05. Infame
06. Luna
07. Aquí
08. Dulce Amor
09. Tic-Toc (feat. Lena Katina)
10. Mariposas (Sussie 4 Remix)
11. Mariposas (Capri Remix)
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