Sunday, September 18, 2011

Captain Jack - The Captain's Revenge

The Captain's Revenge is the third studio album by the Eurotrance act Captain Jack, formed by Franky Gee and Maloy in this album. The album was released on 1999 and features the singles Only You, Get Up!, Dream a Dream and The Race. This is my fav. released by them.

Watch: Dream a Dream and Only You

The Captain's Revenge(1999)
01 .Introduction
02. Dream A Dream
03. Get Up!
04. The Race
05. Turn It Up
06. Set Me Free
07. 2000 (Millennium)
08. I Feel
09. Where The Party At?
10. What Goes Around
11. Magic In You
12. Robotman On Holiday
13. Cosmic Evolution
14. The Race (Instrumental Mix)
15. Dream A Dream (Dumonde Shortmix)
16. In The Navy (Mix '99)
17. Get Up! (Radio Dance Mix)
18. Outroduction
19. You Win Again
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