Monday, September 19, 2011

Medina - For Altid

For Altid is the fourth studio album, third in Danish, by the Danish Pop/Dance diva Medina. The album was released on September 19, on iTunes and stores across her country. The album spawed two singles, the Platinun-certified For Altid and Synd For Dig, which is the most recent one. I loved her album, I can't wait to hear any English version of the songs, they sound terrific!

Synd For Dig and For Altid

For Altid(2011)
01. Synd For Dig
02. For Altid
03. Vend Om
04. Kl. 10
05. Lyser I M○rke
06. 12 Dage
07. Gode Mennesker
08. Ejer Hele Verden
09. Har Du Det Ligesom Mig
10. Lykkepille
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