Thursday, September 29, 2011


Please enjoy (if you can) the recently exhumed Official Music Video (circa 1980-81) for The Weasels infectiously New Wave (recorded-in-a-basement) ditty "Bad News."

[Technical Note: Because, as with the previous Weasels video I posted, the film's soundtrack had been somewhat ravaged with the passage of time, I have thoughtfully included a slightly higher quality mp3 of the song directly below the YouTube. You're welcome.]

This song -- on which I play both guitar and bass -- marked my last recorded appearance with The Weasels until 2010. It's a complicated and painful story -- basically I had recently converted to Orthodox Druidism, and the rest of the guys found my constant exhortations to join me at the neighborhood Stonehenge somewhat offensive. In any case, when it came time to shoot the "Bad News" video, I was long gone. (That's drummer Mike Sorrentino -- NOT the same guy as The Situation from Jersey Shore -- with the bass guitar, pretending to be me.)

I should add that if you listen to my bass part, you will note that I'm doing my damndest to sound like my then idol, Joe Jackson bassist Graham Maby. In fact, the whole track is pretty much an homage, however inadequate, to Jackson's sound at the time.

I should also add that the song was written and sung by Weasels' multi-instrumentalist Glenn Leeds, who plays the guy in the bed.