Sunday, September 4, 2011

Britannia High - Britannia High

Britannia High is the soundtrack album by British musical television series Britannia High, performed by Mitch Hewer as Danny, Georgina Hagen as Lauren, Sapphire Elia as Claudine, Matthew James Thomas as Jez, Marcquelle Ward as BB, and Rana Roy as Lola. The album was released on November 24, 2008 and featured 18 songs from the show. So, I listed the leftover tracks as bonus. Listen/Buy the album Here.

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01. Start Of Something (The Cast)
02. Missing Person (Danny)
03. Best Of Me (Lauren)
04. Watch This Space (Lauren & Claudine)
05. Growing Pains (Claudine & Danny)
06. What Good Is Love? (Lola & Stefan)
07. So High (Lauren)
08. Wake Up (Jez)
09. Body To Body (Lola & Stefan)
10. The Things That We Don't Say (BB)
11. Proud (Jez)
12. Fight Song (BB & Jez)
13. Do It All Over Again (Claudine)
14. Picking Up The Pieces (Lola, Lauren & Claudine)
15. Confessions (BB)
16. Without You (The Cast)
17. Weight Of The World (Jez)
18. Changing Man (Danny & Lauren)
Bonus Tracks:
19. Britannia High Megamix (The Cast)
20. I'm The Man (Danny)
21. I Am Who I Am (Jez)
22. Overnight Sensation (Lola)
23. Get Over Yourself (Claudine, Lauren & The Cast)
24. You Got Nothing On Me (Claudine)
25. Wake The Dead (Claudine & The Cast)
26. Obsession (Lola & Stefan)
27. Body To Body (Jez, Lola, BB & Danny)

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