Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Another Friday in DivShare Hell...

...and as a result no Listomania again, alas.

In case you're wondering, for the last several weeks -- inexplicably, and out of the blue -- DivShare simply stopped working on my PC. Nothing uploads. For some reason, I have no problem with it on a certain shady dame's Mac in another borough, so it's not my account per se, but it's obviously incredibly annoying just the same.

In any event, I have sent the DivShare help desk several sternly worded e-mails, so I'm hopeful this will be cleared at up at some point this century. And I thank you all for your patience and forbearance in this regard.

Meanwhile, just so today isn't a total loss, here's a pretty great un-released Stones track from 1971 -- a stunning live version (with the Exile horn section) of "Love in Vain."

The show it's from was apparently recorded and mixed for an album that was shelved at the last minute, for reasons that remain unclear. One track from it -- the greatest version of "Let It Rock" ever heard by sentient mammalian ears -- appeared, legitimately, as the B-side to the English "Brown Sugar" and as a replacement for (the censored by the still dead Francisco Franco) "Sister Morphine" on the Spanish LP of Sticky Fingers.

On balance, it's not as good a live album as Ya-Yas, but as you can hear from the above, it sure has its moments.