Saturday, August 20, 2011

You've Got a Day to Waste, Right?

A friend on FB posted this link, to Rock Scene magazine, which was published from 1973-1982. Though it's kind of embarrassingly Kiss-heavy (seems like I can't get away from that these days*), it's a fascinating core sample of the New York scene at the time, at least, it seems to be. Anyone who was there want to weigh in?

(Of course, I hunted for this first.)

Side note: all magazines need this sort of site. ALL.

*Finishing up Boys Don't Lie, responding to a perfectly reasonable request from my editor to keep up all from getting sued, I ended up spending days and days mired in Kiss minutae. Specifically, I needed to get to the relationship between Glickman/Marks Management and Simmons Records, just before, uh, Kiss fired G/M and sued them for, oh, $17 million dollars or so. Talked to this guy, who was wonderfully helpful, and I feel more or less legally sound now.