Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, I Guess It's True -- Death Sells!

Wow, suddenly fans of the late great Don Van Vliet are coming out of the woodwork.

Take this familiar...uh, face. Seen recently with a CD of his masterpiece, Trout Mask Replica.

And just last week, another person famous for being famous announced his affection for the great rock avant-gardist -- none other than blow-dried Republican presidential hopeful (and by hopeful, I mean in the sense that I am hopeful that some day I will have sex with Anne Hathaway) and Twitter fan Jon Huntsman!

From the Washington Wire, August 18, 2011:


By Neil King Jr.

Jon Huntsman, in his quest for more Twitter followers and — as an aside, the White House –- is highlighting some far-out tunes.

Like, well, Captain Beefheart jamming on a beach somewhere a long time ago and singing a raspy version of “Electricity.” With lyrics like: “High voltage man kisses night to bring the light to those who need to hide their shadow deed…Go into bright find the light and know that friends don`t mind just how you grow.”

The former Utah governor and ex-Obama ambassador to China flagged his love of the singer, who died last year, with this flash on his Twitter account: “I wonder if a tweet where I admit how much I like Captain Beefheart will make the followers skyrocket even more!”

The tweet provoked some fun responses on Twitter. “Nice try old man. You like Capt. Beefhart cuz he was a maniac who imprisoned his band, treating them like serfs,” said one Huntsman follower. “So your plan for relevance is to EMBRACE quirky/weird? Is that an admission credentials/brains don’t matter in today’s GOP,” said another.
The Paris Hilton pic and the Huntsman item also occasioned the following e-mail from my old college chum Eric C. Boardman:

He [Huntsman]'s my man!

Obama's internet team is still canvassing which bands he should like. And once he declares, he will waffle a week later. "Americans still believe in an America where anything's possible. For instance, three months without a Neil Young release. Or a Dillards reunion." There's some effing change to believe in.

And like Huntsman, Ms Hilton believes in climate change. At a symposium of Euro-trash trust fund douchebags in Prague she often said, "That's hot."