Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Previously Unreleased Stereo Mixes of the Gods (An Occasional Series)

Have I ever mentioned that The Beach Boys' Today! (1964) is one of the greatest albums ever made? Or that finding a stereo version (Brian mixed and released it in mono back in the day) has been sort of a personal Holy Grail of mine for the last several decades?

Well, I just just came across a complete, and credible, stereo version of Today! on the intertubes.

And from side two -- heh -- here's a stereo mix of the utterly gorgeous "She Knows Me Too Well."

Not all of the Today! bootleg tracks I discovered sound completely finished -- this one does, I think -- but they're all revelatory, and if you ask me really nicely, I'll send you the download link.

But trust me -- every single one of them, like the above, are so beautiful it hurts.