Friday, August 5, 2011

Jenna Drey - One Step Further

'One Step Further' is the second album by American Dance/Pop singer-songwriter Jenna Drey. The album was released on January 1, 2006 and featured the singles 'By The Way' and 'All Out Of Love' aswell her previous successfull singles 'Killin' Me (Where Did I Go Wrong)' and 'Why Should I Believe You'. I don't words to say how much I love this album and the singer, it's totally amazing, her voice, her dance version of 'All Out Of Love' and 'We're All Alone', it take me to heaven. I recommend this album for all dance music lovers. Listen/Buy the album here.

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01. One Step Further
02. By The Way
03. Killin Me (Rizzo Radio)
04. We're All Alone
05. Don't Wanna Cry Anymore
06. Shadow of A Stranger
07. Why Should I Believe You (Harris Radio Remix)
08. All Out Of Love
09. Impossibility
10. Thousand Times A Day
11. I Told You So
12. Was It Something I Said
13. Breaking Me
14. Why Should I Believe You (Hot AC)
15. Why Should I Believe You (Churko Bagpipe Radio)
16. Killin' Me (Giuseppe D. Remix)
17. One Step Further (Rockin Radio Remix)

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