Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Music Makes Strange Bedfellows (An Occasional Series)

From 1974, please enjoy the other -- i.e., not particularly funny -- John Stewart and "Never Goin' Back," the concluding track from his remarkable live double album The Phoenix Concerts.

Stewart, of course, was the interesting first-generation rocker turned folkie with The Kingston Trio turned hitmaker for The Monkees (author of "Daydream Believer") turned vaguely outlaw country Austin guy turned 70s LA pop hit maker ("Gold," courtesy of huge fan/producer Lindsey Buckingham).

But I bring the whole thing up because when I first heard this live album track, I nearly fell off my chair when I realized that its several minute-long outro was, essentially, indistinguishable from the fade-out on the original 1966 Velvet Underground's classic "I'm Waiting for My Man."

Velvet Underground - Waiting For The Man .mp3
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Seriously -- it's the same one-chord vamp, in the same key, and Stewart's has the same early rock piano triplets and walking bass with which John Cale adorned the Velvets track.

I should add that the surprisingly primitive-sounding drumming on "Never Goin' Back" is provided by Jim Gordon, of Layla and Derek and the Domino's fame, who is currently serving a life sentence for acting on the voices in his head who demanded that he take an axe to his mom. Make of that one what you may.