Monday, August 22, 2011

More Proof, If Any Was Needed, That the Only Real Sin, in Commercial Terms, is Being Ahead of Your Time

Okay, if this one doesn't blow your mind, nothing will.

First of all, take a listen to the unidentified mp3 below. All I will say about it is that it's the work of a fairly significant figure in rock history, and that it's a mostly dismissed-at-the-time cut on what is generally considered to be his best solo album.

Sounds like The Clash, right? I mean, EXACTLY like The Clash...specifically The Clash circa "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" in 1982.

Well, it's not. And, in fact, at the time it was recorded, in early 1976, The Clash hadn't even played their first gig as a band, let alone begun work on their debut album.

Trust me -- when you finally Google it and figure out who it is, your jaw is going to drop around the vicinity of your ankles.

[h/t Willard's Wormholes]