Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why (Despite Everything) I Can't Bring Myself to Hate Rod Stewart

And now, newly rescued from the vaults as part of our ongoing project to digitize every loud noise I ever made, please enjoy The Hounds' 1975 cover of the (then obscure) Jeff Beck Group (with Rod the Mod) b-side "Drinking Again."

Not bad for a bunch of bozos from New Jersey, I think, although the vocalist (the lovely and talented Lucinda Albiston) was forced to sing it in an uncomfortable key due to the incompetence of the producer (me). And I recently listened to the original Beck/Stewart version and was rather surprised to find that my guitar solo, which I have been referring to for years as "a note for note recreation of the one on the record," is actually missing a couple of Beck's little flourishes. Oh well.

A true story: A few months after we recorded this, I interviewed Rod Stewart, then flogging Atlantic Crossing (the solo album which turned out to be pretty much the last one before the rot and self-parody set in) and somehow I had the brass to make him listen to our version of "Drinking" in its entirety. Stewart endured it with great patience and grace, and when it was over he completely resisted the urge to tell me to get the fuck out of his hotel room, a kindness that I have always treasured.