Monday, August 9, 2010

The Singer Not the Song

From 1968, please enjoy Los Angeles rock-and-soul band Pacific Ocean and a very much of its time cover of Tennessee Ernie Ford's clasic "16 Tons."

Actually, even though the album is kind of interesting and the band probably deserved to be better known on its own merits, the reason I bring them up at all is because I was stunned to discover that their frontman is now a VERY famous actor; I had no idea at all he'd had a prior career as a credible rocker. And as is usually the case at times like this, I'll be awarding a coveted PowerPop No-Prize to the first reader who guesses who it is without Googling.

Two hints:

The band was interracial (from LA, remember).

The band was initially billed as Eddie James and Pacific Ocean.