Sunday, August 29, 2010

Previously Unheard Stereo Mixes of the Gods (An Occasional Series)

Okay, if you recall our last entry in the ongoing saga (from July) -- in which we posted a to my ears astonishingly gorgeous remix/remaster of "So Sad About Us," from the Japanese deluxe box set of The Who's A Quick One -- you may also recall that not everybody was convinced that the audio restoration was worth the effort.

Specifically, faithful reader Gummo, who said in comments:
Beautiful clarity and separation, but I have the same problem with it as I have with some of the Beatles 2009 stereo remixes -- so clean & so separated that you lose some of the original sense of the whole (if that makes any sense), and therefore some of the original cacophonous excitement.
Well, I disagreed, obviously, but this one, I think, is inarguable.

From the Japanese deluxe box set of The Who's My Generation -- here's an absolutely astounding (and as far as I can tell first time ever) stereo mix of the epochal "Can't Explain."

There's a piano on this track? Who knew?

Seriously -- this is the way I always hoped "Can't Explain" sounded. And if anybody out there thinks this is in any way inferior to the (admittedly great) familiar mono version, all I can say is they're just being difficult.

This is perfection improved. IMHO.