Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Logrolling in Our Time

A little Tuesday Plugola, if I may.

Bottom line: I was pleased as punch recently to be asked to contribute to the smart-as-a-whip new music blog Mixtured pictured below.

Its mission statement:
A website that offers streaming mixes created by diverse groupings of music fanatics. Mixtured is music nerds making mixes for music nerds.
Obviously, those mixes will be assembled thematically; the theme of the debut mix, as you can see, is somewhat relevant to the mission statement of the blog you are currently reading.

And how does Mixtured work?

Funny you should ask.
Here’s how this process works: Each [of the 20] participant[s] was asked to choose one song that fit their definition of power pop. The participants selected songs one after another in a pre-determined, random order, with the only stipulation being no repeats (of songs or artists)...
There's lots more, including some interesting and perceptive mini-essays by the folks who made the selections [there's a couple of names you may recognize besides my own] plus clips of all the songs, over here. Feel free to weigh in at the comment section -- and when you do, tell 'em PowerPop sent you.

Oh, and a coveted PowerPop No-Prize to the first reader who guesses which group or artist performed the song I chose.

No peeking, obviously....