Monday, July 18, 2011

Wednesday Rolling Stones Karaoke

Okay, words really fail me over this one.

From 1967, it's the instrumental backing track for the Stones' just out of prison psychedelic masterpiece "We Love You."

We don't care if you only love "we"
We don't care if you only love "we"
We love you.
We love you, and we hope
that you will love "we" too

We love "they".
We love "they", and
we want you to love "they" too


We don't care if you hound "we"
And love is all around "we"
Love can't get our minds off
We love you, we love you

You will never win "we"
Your uniforms don't fit "we"
We forget the place we're in
'Cause we love you
We love you. Of course, we do

I love you. I love you
And I hope that you won't prove wrong
We love you. We do.
We love you. We

Apart from being a very cool song, pay special attention to the stuff on the right channel after the drums come in. The late great Brian Jones on mellotron, folks, and as the late great Lester Bangs famously said of his work here, only Brian could make the mellotron ooze menace and danger.