Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brit & Alex - Brit & Alex

'Brit & Alex' is the self-titled unreleased debut album by Britsh short-lived Pop/Dance duo Brit & Alex. The album was planned to be released in 2009, but after thier debut single 'Let It Go' failed to get the top on airplay chart, it was shelved. The compilation was being made by Angell_BR, but since she don't have more time to post and looking for the missing songs, I'm post it as a request. She only put the songs listed on wikipedia as a tracklist album. It features the debut singles aswell b-sides, myspace songs, demos and leaks. We don't have these [*] songs. So, if you have or can find it, help us to complete this compilation.

Brit & Alex Official Website
Brit & Alex Official Myspace
Brit & Alex Official Facebook


01. Let It Go
02. If You Never Knew[*]
03. I Like Boys[*]
04. Keep It A Secret
05. I'll Come Running
06. Little Girl[*]
07. Sleepless[*]
08. Are You Ready?[*]
09. BEAutiful
10. Club Banger[*]
11. Too Afraid To Love You[*]
12. You Don't Even Know[*]
13. Get What I Want
14. Lost Highway
15. Fishin'[*]
16. It Don't Change[*]

Do you want it?
So, help us to complete it!