Monday, December 6, 2010

Death Where Is Thy Ring-a-Ding Ding

From 1958, please enjoy The Playmates (of "Beep Beep" fame) and the suurealist greaseball deathrock that is "(I Dreamed the Jukebox Played) The Day I Died."

I'd neither heard this record nor even suspected its existence until last Friday, if truth be told. But it's an amazing piece of work, I think; when people talk about the poetry of rock --
There was a-stompin' and a-strollin'
There was a-goin' on
All the cats were wailing
"The Gonest is gone!"
-- that's gotta be what they're referring to.

I should add that I discovered its wonders after a query from my old bandmate and high school chum Allan Weissman, for whom it has apparently been an obsession looming large in his legend for lo these many years. Thanks, Al!!!