Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And Speaking of Adorable...

...semi-regular visitor to these pages Tom Littlefield and his partner in crime Jonathan Bright have alerted me to their latest project -- which is, if you can believe it, an all-ukulele tribute album in honor of The Replacements.

As you can hear from the above excerpt from "I'll Be You," this is not a joke or a stunt. Okay, it's sort of a stunt by definition, but it doesn't feel like one. The fact is, using nothing more than a bunch of ukuleles, percussion, pots and pans, and a rubber chicken (I can't verify that last), these guys have come up with a set that totally gets to the essence, to the rock-and-roll heart if you will, of the originals.

You can hear more from Treatment Bound, as the album is called (including an "I Will Dare" to die for) over at their official website; there's a CD Baby link over there as well so you can order the actual CD.