Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Records? What are Records?

From the just released second EP by Stag, please enjoy the infectious ode to vinyl (and 70s pop culture cheese in general, at least in the video) "Love Her Records."

I am informed that Stag are a bunch of Seattle club band veterans, except for the lead singer, who used to be the frontman of That Petrol Emotion, an apparently well-regarded 80s/early 90s (mostly) Brit act that I managed to miss entirely back in the day. I am also informed that their influences include The Who and Cheap Trick. I'm hearing a bit of The Raspberries and a little Todd Rundgren in the above clip as well, unless my ears deceive me.

Actually, I'm at the point lately where I don't trust my immediate judgement on bands like this. I sometimes get the feeling there's a bit of the Dancing Bear thing going on, which is to say I may enjoy what they're doing not because it's being done particularly well, but out of gratitude that it's being done at all.

I haven't made up my mind about Stag, is what I'm saying, but I'm going to check 'em out some more. If you're similarly inclined, you can start over at their Facebook page.