Monday, June 13, 2011

Gold's Jim

That's Jim as in McGuinn; not my cleverest pun, but what the hey.

In any case, from 1996, doing business -- in a very Dukes of Stratosphear kind of way -- as The Fraternal Order of the All, here's clearly way underrated singer/guitarist Andrew Gold and the very Byrds-ish "Somewhere in Space in Time."

Seriously, if you're any kind of serious fan of the original Byrds circa 1965-67, this is going to make you wet your pants.

For those keeping score at home, this is an all but perfect mash-up of "She Don't Care About Time," "The World Turns All Around Her" and "Eight Miles High." Plus the backwards guitars from Younger Than Yesterday. And whoever is doing the rhythm guitar and drums is replicating David Crosby and Michael Clarke from the Turn! Turn! Turn! album in a way I frankly hadn't thought possible.

My old bandmate Andy "Folk-Rock" Pasternack, who sent me this, put it better than I ever could:
"I am completely speechless. As amazingly great as this is (again, if you haven’t already heard it), wait for the solo at 2:16. This is like the most breathtakingly great homage ever. "
.Have I mentioned that if you're a serious Byrds fan this will make you wet your pants?