Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Andrew Gold 1951-2011: A Final Postscript

From the 2006 Buffalo Springfield tribute album Five Way Street, here's a pretty damned impressive live version of "Bluebird," with Andrew doing business as Byrds of a Feather.

Because Gold was a member of the Peter Asher/Linda Ronstandt L.A. soft-rock Mafia in the 70s, a lot of critics with a punk and post-punk axe to grind have tended to sell his artistic contributions short; frankly, I may have done it myself from time to time. But the guy was clearly a hell of a musician, and I think the world would be a poorer place without some of the records he played on and arranged. "You're No Good" immediately springs to mind....

...especially that Beatles-ish minor key riffy guitar breakdown solo section after titular star Ronsztadt temporarily shuts her not as soulful as it should be yap.