Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Song Sounds Dirty But It Isn't

From 1993 and their eponymous debut album, please enjoy wonderfully witty Nashville alt-rockers The Bis-quits and their charmingly melodic ode to obsessing on everyday chores "Anal All Day."

This is from one of the great lost albums of the 90s, by the way; great guitars, great songwriting, and boy do they give the lie to Nick Lowe's famous dictum about how there's an astonishing lack of humor and realism in contemporary pop music. Originally issued on John Prine's Oh!Boy indie imprint, it's a winner from stem to stern; along with a whole bunch of really witty, melodic originals -- you haven't lived until you've heard their ode to "Yo-Yo Ma," rendered as an amalgam of the Rolling Stones and J.S. Bach -- there's also a stunning live cover of Richard Thompson's "Walking on a Wire" and lots more. It's still available at Amazon and on iTunes, but you can probably find a less expensive version online somewhere.