Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cherchez La Vache

From his 1997 album Girls N' Cows, please enjoy singer/songwriter Richard Goldman -- a young man who I suspect has several Beatles CDs in his collection -- and his "Prettiest Girl at the Funeral," a charmingly melodic yet sardonic track that more than lives up to one of the most outrageous song titles in pop music history.

Wow, that's good -- like Revolver-era Fab Four but with French cabaret accordion. I should add that if I ever play live in a band again, I desperately want to cover this but with really loud guitars, just to make the song's provenance a little more explicit.

I should also add that although I've listened to it countless times since the album first came out, I'm still not sure if the titular girl of the song is in the casket or not.