Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warning: This Clip May Contain the Key to the Universe

You know, I was pretty much a lapsed Springsteen fan for the longest time. Since...oh, I dunno, The River, actually. And I didn't really come around till recently, i.e. Magic, which I think is some of his best work ever.

But even now -- there are times when I think, "yeah, yeah, Bruce is great, but it's old and I've seen it all before" and like that.

And then, he goes and does something like this -- on the Jimmy Fallon show Tuesday night -- and once again I'm, you should pardon the expression, a believer.

This guy is 60 and rocking out like that? Sweet mother of fuck, as Dexter's sister might say.

Seriously -- if that performance doesn't give you chills down to the cellular level, then you just don't like the form, if you know what I mean.