Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Present Day Headbanger Refuses to Die

Okay, here's one I've been hearing about for years but never actually bothered to listen to until yesterday.

From 1971, here's vaguely unsung godfathers of heavy metal Sir Lord Baltimore -- who were actually from Brooklyn, BTW -- and what, on balance, is probably the most ridiculously overwrought track from their epically silly debut album Kingdom Come -- the unfortunately monikered "Pumped Up."

People who like this sort of stuff rate these guys very highly, apparently, despite their larger obscurity, and it is an interesting historical bit of tid that a Rolling Stone review of the album may or may not have been the first documented use of the term "heavy metal" to describe the genre. In any case, the LP has an interesting pedigree, in that the band was discovered and managed by none other than Mike Appell, who took their commercial failure seriously enough to plot Bruce Springsteen as his revenge on the music business.

I think the record is absolutely butt-ugly, myself, but on the other hand I can imagine that it might have sounded exciting and out there compared to the wimpy singer/songwriter mush that was mostly going on in rock at the time. At least if you were 15.