Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend (Not Actually a) Listomania: Special Classic Rot Edition

Sorry guys, I'm just totally jammed up with real-world writing assignments, so no Listomania this week. Again. God, I feel like such a slacker. Anyway, the Burton Cummings' "No Time" clue should make sense now.

Meanwhile, I chanced across this outtake from the 1964 Rolling Stones' EP Got Live If You Want It the other day, said EP being on my short list of greatest live recordings of anybody in the history of recorded music. An abbreviated, but to my ears not at all perfunctory, runthrough of Amos Milburn's "Down the Road Apiece."

And so I leave you with a question for the weekend:

The Rolling Stones -- truly the greatest rock band in the world, or just a bunch of overrated Boomer icons who stole everything they knew from a bunch of black people with far more talent.


[Shameless Blogwhore: My weekend Cinema Listomania -- theme: horror/fantasy/sci-fi film that either cries out for a modern remake or that you TOTALLY hope will never be remade -- is now up over at Box Office. Hey -- it pays the bills. In any case, if you could find a minute to head over there and leave a comment, I'd be eternally in your debt. Thanks.]