Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Proof, As If It Were Needed, That YouTube is the Greatest Thing Since the Library at Alexandria

From 1966, and the same German TV show (or so it seems) from whence yesterday's Kinks clip derived, here's Brit r&b outfit The Untamed and their flavorsome version of Marvin Gaye's great "One More Heartache."

This song has been, justifiably, covered a lot (including by my college rock group God in 1969) but not only was this version a new one on me, so was the band. Apparently, The Untamed were some kind of missing link between Georgie Fame and The Who (Who producer Shel Talmy had something to do with some of their singles). In any case, on the basis of this clip, at least, it seems they had quite a bit on the ball.

Incidentally, the DivShare thingie of the God version of the song at the above link seems to be broken; if you're curious, e-mail me and I'll send you the mp3.