Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Way of All Flesh

Okay, this is actually a little cruel of me, but I can't help it.

By way of preface, if you were around for last week's Listomania -- theme: unsavory pop music trends -- you may recall that somebody (I won't name names) felt compelled to post a link to the following video, of a song I had (up until Friday) mercifully blocked from my memory.

That is, of course, the 1972 smasheroo "How Do You Do?" by the Dutch duo Mouth and MacNeal, and pretty hideous stuff, obviously. After I watched it, however, it struck me that, although I couldn't really give a rats ass about what might have happened to Mouth(!), his partner was actually kind of hot in a 70s/ABBA-ish porn star sort of way. So I went looking for a more recent video.

And found this, from 2008. MacNeal, now toiling in a new duo called the Dutch Divas.

I think the words that immediately come to mind are "oy" and "gevalt."