Monday, July 5, 2010

Great Lost...Okay, More Like Pretty Darn Good Lost Singles of the 70s

From Syracuse, New York, please enjoy The (heretofore unknown to me) Ohms and their infectiously kinetic 1979 platter "Teenage Alcoholic."

This came to my attention last week via thoughtful reader John McCauley, and if the information over here is to be believed, it was a 4-track DIY production; if so, somebody involved with it really knew what they were doing. Whatever its provenance, however, I find myself vastly taken with the track. To my ears, at least, it sounds kinda like a slightly punkier Cheap Trick or Eddie and the Hot Rods, and the guitar stuff on the instrumental section in the middle -- by the unfortunately monikered Zenny Caucasian -- is really stellar, I think.