Friday, July 16, 2010

Alison East: Trash and Vaudeville

Just a little postscript to my tribute the other week to pioneering punk-rock (should be a legend) girl guitarist Alison East of The Swinging Madisons:

As you may recall, in said tribute I lamented the fact that no footage of Alison (who died at age 19 shortly after her stint with the band) performing seems to have survived. Apparently, that may not be strictly true.

Turns out that the Spicy Bits, a band she was in before the Madisons, appear in Punk Rock, a 1978 soft-core porn flick shot the year before by director Carter Stevens.

There's a brief flash of what may be the Bits in the Punk Rock trailer on YouTube, and damned if this screen cap from it...

...doesn't look an awful lot like Alison in this Madisons photo circa 1980.

Punk Rock is currently available (along with Pleasure Palace, another Stevens classic) on DVD. Personally, I don't feel like shelling out twenty bucks for the disc just to see if Alison is actually on it, but if you want to -- and feel like lending it to me afterwards -- you can order it over at Amazon here.

Here's the aforementioned trailer on YouTube.

I should also add that Jaimie Gillis, who plays the private dick(!) in Punk Rock, was a very famous porn star at the time, and a house-sitting friend of mine once actually boinked him on my couch while I was out of town.

Hey, it was the 70s -- we were all a little over the top.