Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Way They Were

The (then Young) Rascals. From 1966. "What is the Reason."

Sweet jeebus, what a great song; I can't believe it was a B-side (of the admittedly epochal "Come On Up," in fact). And I'd totally forgotten about it until thoughtful reader Lawrence Dunn mentioned that the Rascals, at the urging of no less than Little Steven, had performed it at the recent Rascals reunion show.

Oh...have I mentioned that there was a Rascals reunion show? Yeah, there was, three weeks ago, also at the urging of Little Steven, who is a living saint if there is one. The Rascals hadn't played together, with one brief exception, for 40 years, and had no intention of ever doing so again, but Steve convinced them to do it for a worthy charity.

The short version is -- they totally killed. And it was recorded.

Click on the link here and then scroll down for the zip file of the show. Trust me, it's transcendent stuff.