Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rock Me Georg Phillip Telemann

From 1665 -- I'm sorry, 1965 -- please enjoy future Scott Joplin popularizer Joshua Rifkin and the boys in The Baroque Ensemble of the Merseyside Kammermusickgesellschaft with their groovy version of the Fab Four's "L'Amour S'en Cachant" (a/k/a "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away.")

The standard critical take on this (which, let's face it, is essentially a novelty record) is that it's one of the few instances of a classical guy actually getting the whole rock thing that was happening at the time. That's true, up to a point, but actually there's very little of the actual Beatles in most of Rifkin's arrangements, which tend to meander off in non-Lennon/McCartney directions. "Hide Your Love," for some reason, is the sole exception, at least for me; something about that descending riff before the chorus seems to work in the faux Baroque context.