Monday, May 31, 2010

Les Floors du Mal

Okay, it's self-indulgence time again. Sorry.

From 1983, it's Bleecker Street's finest, the fabulous Floor Models, and the broodingly melodic "A Shot in the Dark."

This was essentially recorded in somebody's living room on a home four-track machine, but despite that it, it's pretty slick, I think. (For which I must credit the production assistance of ex-Beatlemania guy David Grahame, who went on in the 90s to co-write that million-selling Mr. Big annoyance "To Be With You").

The sound of it actually reminds me of some of the Marshall Crenshaw demos that have floated around over the years, in particular "My Favorite Waste of Time." Not the song, just the sound.

In any case, "A Shot in the Dark" is by my chum Andy "Folk-Rock" Pasternack [left, with Rickenbacker] and it's sung by the irrepressible Gerry Devine [second from right]. The bass player is on the far right, some guy whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels.

We had a couple of tunes I've always suspected could have been hits back in the day, and this is the one I kinda thought had the most commercial potential. Of course, I'm a fairly unreliable judge of these sorts of things. Or as Chuck Barris famously said -- what do I know? I like cold toilet seats.