Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend Not a Listomania: The Remnants of Dignity

Okay, I cheated; there is no Listomania this week, because I had a freelance assignment that promises to pay actual money and and working on it necessarily took precedence. I'm sure you'll understand. In any case, WL will be back next, cross my heart.

In its place today, however, I offer -- essentially without comment -- what is probably the cruelest and funniest pop culture deconstruction since the Literal Video version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy, if that is the word, The Rolling Stones and what used to be "Start Me Up."


[Shameless Blogwhore: Okay, I found the time to get my parallel Cinema Listomania -- theme: most interesting big screen misfires, well intentioned or otherwise -- up over at Box Office, but hey -- they pay the bills. Anyway, if you could find a moment to go over there and leave something snarky in the comments section, I'd be eternally in your debt.]