Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend Listomania (Special Eat Your Heart Out Audio/Video Edition)

Well, it's Friday, and you know what that means, Yes, my Oriental "strokes if you got 'em" aide Fah Lo Suee and I will be heading off to beautiful downtown Ennis, Texas to attend the ceremony in which staunch British Petroleum defender Congressman Joseph Linus "Joe" Barton [R-Corporate Whore], will be presented with the coveted Biggest Asshole in the History of the World Award. Could be a hot one, obviously.

That said, and since things will be a little quiet around here till we return, here's a fun little project for us all:

Best or Worst Post-Elvis Pop/Rock/Soul Song or Record With a Lyric Referencing Jealousy (Romantic or Sexual)!!!

Self-explanatory, I think, and no arbitrary rules whatsoever, you're welcome very much.

And my totally top of my head Top Six are:

6. Gin Blossoms -- Hey Jealousy

Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy .mp3
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Okay, a really obvious choice, I know. But I really liked this song (and the album its from) back in the day, and despite the annoying earnestness I've detected with benefit of hindsight, I still do. Sorry.

5. The Beatles -- No Reply

One of John's best, I think, and one of the reasons why, years later, I found his "Jealous Guy" kind of depressingly literal.

4. Lesley Gore -- Judy's Turn to Cry

Okay, here's the song's scenario. Narrator Lesley is at a party, and to spite former boyfriend Johnny (who had dumped her in a previous song) she makes out with some other guy. At which point, Johnny jumps up and cold cocks the poor dope. I hate to say it, but Lesley was really a bitch.

3. Marianne Faithfull -- Why D'ya Do It?

I don't know who the woman who was fucking Marianne's boyfriend in this song was, but I certainly hope she had an unlisted phone number and lived in a doorman building.

2. The Killers -- Mr. Brightside

These guys mostly put me to sleep, and this song, while okay, is not an exception to the rule. Still, as you know, we like to have something recorded in the current century.

And the Numero Uno ode to the old Green-Eyed Monster is...ohmigod, it's a fricking tie!!! Between...

1. Rick Springfield -- Jessie's Girl

Don't know who said it, but this really is Othello with guitars.


1. Steely Dan -- Through With Buzz

An absolutely brilliant evocation of that latenight moment when you're lying awake torturing yourself by thinking about some other guy's hands all over the thighs of the girlfriend who just dumped you. Funniest line: "Maybe he's a fairy..."

Alrighty, then -- what would your choices be?

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